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Product information "The Nail Trainer"

This is the GENUINE Nail Trainer®, made in the UK -Not A Low Quality Illicit Copy. Nail Trainer® has been the No:1 nail training aid for nearly two decades. 

The Nail Trainer® is a life-like hand on a black flexible ribbed arm and has jointed fingers, flesh like finger tips and replaceable exercise nails.Unlike live models, it's enjoyable to work on, is always available, never complains, and never gets hurt during a training session. Simply attach the Nail Trainer® to a table and practice creating nails again and again, until they are perfect. 

Nail Trainer® is widely used in training classes and schools worldwide. Why ? 

Because it is the perfect tool for Tutor's to demonstrate and Students to learn on - working on a Nail Trainer® is just like working on a human hand, but risk and stress free !!! 

On a Nail Trainer® Tutors can easily demonstrate techniques and nail systems to their students in the classroom or remotely online. 

It's perfect for showing step by step lessons; when a watch-practice -review, lesson style is used. Nail Trainer is also perfect for Tutor and Student, work along with me sessions. 

Nail Trainer® also enables students to become familiar with using nail tools and hold techniques without the stress and worry of potentially hurting their model. By using a Nail Trainer, Students have the opportunity to practice a single step of a nail service, over and over again, until they master it and then can move on to complete whole nail services. Students who use a Nail Trainer are proven to grow in confidence and competence quicker than those who have to wait for live models. 

Standard Nail Trainer Pack contains: Nail Trainer® hand, black flexible ribbed arm and desk clamp, 100 practice nails, progress cards and an online demonstration video & user manual. 
Extra practice nails are available in packs of 100 nails - See Refit Pack 20x5

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January 13, 2023 11:55

Sophie - Nail Tech

Couldn't be without it (Nail Trainer) - OMG can't believe I've never seen this before, what an amazing simulation hand, thank you for organising such quick delivery

January 13, 2023 11:39

Lilja Hjordis - Magnetic Iceland ehf

Nail Trainer is a life safer in our classes

January 13, 2023 10:28

Sarah Frettingham -Tutor

We have used the nail trainer in our lessons for a numbers of years now, and we now don't know how we managed without it! As a tutor it allows all of my students the opportunity to be working practically at home and at college, at their convenience.

October 13, 2022 14:37

José Lie-A-Njoek CEO & Founder, Nailit Products by H&H Cosmetic Supplies - Netherlands

Our novice students are often still too insecure in their work and can practice as much as necessary without worries or obstacles thanks to the Nail trainer. The experienced nail technicians develop their nail art skills undisturbed with the help of the Nail trainer.

More Info

Nail Trainer is so life-like:

The sleek black ribbed sleeve encases a super flexible metal arm, which allows the Nail Trainer® to set up to perfectly replicate the positioning of a clients hand across your work station. The hand is fully jointed with each digit mirroring the rotations of the human fingers and thumb. It has soft flesh like finger tips, that can be held and maneuvered during nail work, just like human skin folds. Finally the key to unlimited practice - the replaceable exercise nails. These are the nail plates, they clip firmly in to the fingers tips so the student can learn and practice a system step of a complete nail service. When they are finished or make a mistake, the nail is simply removed and replaced with a new exercise nail. The nails are supplied is five sizes, and can be clicked down into the fleshy fingertips to three levels; easy nails on the highest level for a beginner, the more challenging  nails and lower levels as the students skills grow.

Unlike live models, Students find Nail Trainer® enjoyable to work on, it's always available, never complains, and there is zero risk of inexperienced students hurt it during a training session. Students simply attach the Nail Trainer® to their work station and practice creating nails again and again, until they are perfect.

There's no better way to learn new skills and improve your technique and speed than practising on the Nail Trainer®.

You can use Acrylic, Gel, Fibreglass, Nail Art & Gel Polish on Nail Trainer®.It’s compatible with all industry brands and built to last.

Nail Trainer® Review 'The best piece of training equipment I have ever purchased, I have been doing nails for 6 years and still test out new ideas on my Nail Trainer®'

Own Brand

We would like to invite you to join the prestigious list of training organisation who show they are passionate about raising standards in the industry, by making Nail Trainer a pillar of their training program and showing their commitment by have Nail Trainer® branded with your own Company logo!

Not only is your commitment to excellence in training a great message to share with your new students through own branding, but it also means that long after their initial course has been completed, each time they practice, the experienced student graduate Nail Tech will see your name of the Nail Trainer® badge and be reminded of you and your great business. 

Own Branding is easy, simply click here to find out more 

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